Treat yourself or someone special………

I specialise in painting animals, whether domesticated or wild, in my chosen medium oils. If you would like to commission a piece or purchase an original, I can be contacted by email

If you are considering commissioning a portrait, here are some guidelines of the process;

  1. A clear photo, preferably several photos with at least one close up so detail can be clearly
  2. Pricing varies due to size and complexity and a quote is provided from viewing the photograph. Generally the price guide is from £200 for an A3 sized portrait.
  3. 50% deposit once the format and price has been agreed and before the work begins
  4. The process generally takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete (including drying time)
  5. On completion a photo of the completed painting is sent
  6. Once happy the balance of 50% is paid and your painting is sent out to you
  7. Progress of your painting is photographed and can be shared with you at anytime

If you have any questions then go ahead and ask away….