Sun Bear

A friend 10459108_422974987843451_4436720874280251950_nof mine asked me if I could paint a bear, I looked at the picture and I had never seen such a beautiful bear. We talked at length about the bear sanctuary in Borneo and the terrible experiences that these little bears had been through and I was instantly hooked. The bears are called sun bears because of the golden crescent shape on their chests and they live in Borneo, Indonesia, well they did, until their homes were burnt down to make way for palm oil.

There are now hundreds of them disbursed throughout Borneo in various sanctuaries all with very sad stories. The sanctuary at Samboja Lestari wasn’t planned as it is usually home to the hundreds of Orangutans within a NGO’s care but the bears kept arriving and they were too kind hearted to turn them away. So the sanctuary, now maintained (and drastically improved) by Sun Bear Outreach needs some funding to give them a better life. I was so happy to paint this little fellow and even happier to donate 100% of the revenue received from sales of the limited editions prints. You can buy them in the shop until they run out, there are only 50 prints being made.