About the artist

Tiffany Wey is a self taught wildlife and pet portrait artist. Starting out a little later in life, she discovered her passion for creating art in 2011.

Born in Hastings, Tiffany left to live in Ireland in 1999 but after 16 years she returned to Hastings, now a thriving hub for artists.

With a love of animals, whether domestic or wild, it was only natural that these would be the main focus of her art career. Through her art she hopes to raise some awareness of the endangerment of some animals. Not forgetting our domestic animal, Tiffany has also used her art to raise much needed funds for various rescue centres.

Each painting is started with the vision of capturing the animals spirit. Typically she starts with the eyes and once these feel alive the rest of the painting just flows nicely until she has achieved a realism that makes you feel as if the animal is alive.

Art is a continuing learning curve and with that comes an ever changing technique and evolvement in Tiffany’s career, which makes it always exciting.